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Play Me I’m Yours

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Project description:

I was commissioned by Street Pianos Belfast to decorate one of the ten pianos dotted around the city of Belfast for the “play me I’m yours” 2 week event held in August 2010. The aim of the event was simply to provide ‘hidden musicians’ of all levels an opportunity to share and express their creativity with the public.

My artwork tells the story of a tree’s journey of becoming the piano. From its joy of birds singing in its branches to its misery of being cut down and finally to its elation of being a thing that creates music again.

The finished pianoSide 1 of the pianoSide 2 of the pianoSide 2 of the pianoSide 3 of the pianoSide 4 of the piano
Side 1 of the piano.© copyright David McClelland 2015
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Image description:

Side 1:
As a tree I loved just one thing
Birds on my branches that would sing

How calm and sweet the sounds would be
My very heart was filled with glee

Then came that day I was cut down
Stripped bare, bound and driven to town