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Tunisian Revolution

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Project description:

I was commissioned by The Times to create a 12-panel comic for the article “An ordinary man on a bad day, he changed the world for ever”. The comic depicts the events of December 17, 2010 that would end in the death of the 26-year-old Tunisian street trader Mohamed Buazizi, sparking protests that would topple his country’s president and unseat Hosni Mubarak, igniting a firestorm of anger across the Arab world from Tunisia to Jordan to Egypt.

The making of this project can be view on my sketch blog.

Tunisian revolution, newspaper clipping© copyTunisian revolution, final 12 panel comic© coTunisian revolution, panel 1© copyright DavidTunisian revolution, panels 2 & 3© copyrightTunisian revolution, panel 4© copyright DavidTunisian revolution, panels 5, 6 & 7© copyrigTunisian revolution, panel 8© copyright DavidTunisian revolution, panel 9© copyright DavidTunisian revolution, panel 10© copyright DaviTunisian revolution, panels 11 & 12© copyrigh
Tunisian revolution, panel 9© copyright David.© copyright David McClelland 2015
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Image description:

“An ordinary man on a bad day, he changed the world for ever”, panel 9 detail. Brush pen on paper.